Residential & Long Term Care

For residential and long-term care facilities, DHI’s solutions, especially RPM and CCM, offer comprehensive monitoring, care coordination, and personalized health metrics. Moreover BHI offers integrated mental health support for residents.

Close monitoring of vitals and symptoms combined with automatic triaging allows for early detection of deterioration. We have proven significant reduction in hospital admissions and shorter hospital stays for a broad range of patient groups living in residential care facilities.

Our technology helps your organization reduce manual work processes and get rid of the pen & paper note taking. We make it easy for your organization to keep an auditable record of your patient recordings. Use this to improve your service quality and reduce anxieties among family members.

This ensures a higher quality of care for residents, better health management, and reduced emergency situations.


Enhanced Resident Care

Proactive monitoring and personalized health metrics contribute to improved resident health and well-being.

Reduced Emergency Situations

Early detection and intervention help prevent emergencies, reducing the strain on staff and resources.

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