Blood Pressure Monitor

Take control of your blood pressure levels with the DHI blood pressure monitoring system.

DHI blood pressure monitoring system provides your doctors the fastest and most accurate reading using an advanced measuring technique, so they can better care for you between visits.

Your blood pressure monitor automatically shares health data to your doctor without you having to take any extra steps. It works right out of the box — no setup required.

Keeping clinician and health care providers informed with your most up to date readings is the best way to work preventatively.

Get a dramatically higher level of care by unlocking the value of remote monitoring.


Cellular Blood Pressure Monitor:

The Cellular Blood Pressure Monitor offers unparalleled convenience in RPM. With built-in cellular connectivity, patients can monitor their blood pressure levels from anywhere, without relying on external hubs or internet connections. Setup is effortless, allowing for immediate integration into existing monitoring systems. Patients can track their blood pressure with confidence, while healthcare providers receive timely updates for proactive intervention and personalized care.

Blood Pressure Monitor:

The Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor, when connected to a compatible hub, facilitates convenient blood pressure monitoring for RPM. Patients can effortlessly track their blood pressure levels and share data with healthcare providers for timely intervention. With wireless connectivity options, including cellular, wifi, or ethernet, this monitor ensures reliable data transmission and seamless integration into RPM workflows.

Blood Pressure Monitor, can be essential for individuals with chronic conditions such as:

  1. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  2. Cardiovascular diseases
  3. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
  4. Diabetes
  5. Heart failure
  6. Stroke survivors
  7. Coronary artery disease
Blood Pressure Monitor

Important steps to ensure accurate at-home blood pressure readings:

These devices can help individuals with these chronic conditions to monitor their blood pressure levels regularly and facilitate the transmission of critical health information to healthcare providers for proactive intervention and personalized care.

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